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AXL Academy developed a School Success Model to measure and observe organizational growth towards the fulfillment of AXL’s Mission and Vision. Quantitative and qualitative measures were identified within the Vision’s framework: Engage, Empower, and Achieve.


AXL Academy is mission and vision driven through everything we do. We believe our school success model holds our school accountable in this pursuit and, through transparency, want to share with our community how we measure success and our results every year. Together we engage, empower, and achieve. 

Dr. Jack Bissonnette, Principal



To empower scholars and staff, AXL Academy must be proactive in supporting our community, our staff, our scholars and honoring the voices of all. We analyze this through service learning, diversity, a robust staff mentor program, scholar support programs, and seeking out the scholar perspective or point of view. 



Engagement spans further than the classroom and looks at staff engagement, scholar attendance, expeditions, field work and extra-curricular enrichment opportunities. These steps define the experiences and opportunities for all within the AXL crew. 



Achievement for our scholars and staff are a dive into the programs to analyze the measurable growth and measurable opportunities to learn for all. While these assessments are ongoing, they are meant to take a pulse in the moment and not be a prominent part of the school experience. These include state testing (CMAS), iReady Achievement data for scholars, Aimsweb progress monitoring for reading & math fluency, interim assessments to track understand within the classroom, and ongoing staff professional development to equip our crew leaders. 

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