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AXL Leadership Team

Who We Are

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Mehran Ahmed

Executive Director

Why AXL: I have a passion for working with scholars of all ages and a conviction for watching people grow. Being in Aurora and having an option for scholars like AXL will support the growth of our community. AXL is a place where committed stakeholders are coming together to help our scholars thrive and that is energizing. 

What I love: I love traveling, collecting art, eating good food, and spending time with my loved one. I also am an avid sports fan... I played rugby for 15 years and love watching baseball games. 

Jack Bissonnette


Why AXL: I choose to serve the AXL community because I highly value the diversity of the community, the expeditionary instructional practices, and the mission's emphasis on promoting social equity

What I love: I love reading and learning new things, building strong connections, being physically active, and most of all I love my family and friends.

Nick Assaf

Instructional Coach

Why AXL: Everyday AXL gives me another opportunity to do good work worth doing with people who pride themselves on being on the frontlines of building a better future for kids.

What I love: coffee, party games, all things NBA, cooking, jersey aesthetics, Kafka, brainstorming sessions, looking after the GOAT pen, podcasts, spending time with family, not looking at my phone for extended periods of time.

Amanda Frost

Director of Operations

Why AXL: I have a passion for equitable and engaging learning while thinking outside the classroom. Everyone belongs at AXL.

What I love: My time with my wife, 3 boys and extended family. All things football/sports, game nights, traveling, puns/dad-jokes, spending time with friends that are like family, the sun on my face, popcorn and sweets!

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