AXL's approach to academics provides real-world experiences and active learning for all scholars. You won't find desks lined up in rows or hours of lectures; we believe all scholars deserve quality education that engages, empowers and leads all to achieve. We do this by being an expeditionary school. 


AXL Academy is rated as performance by the Colorado Department of Education. Performance is the highest rating a school can obtain.

Education doesn't exist in a vacuum. What scholars learn and how they learn matters. 

AXL presents authentic and real experiences to our scholars with expeditions. They learn more than words on a page; they learn how to interact with the real world, how to accomplish impressive projects and present their projects to authentic audiences. 

AXL's curriculum is based in common core to build expeditions. The nature of the expeditions integrates multiple subjects together for scholars to engage with the real world in a tangible way.