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  • What does Expeditionary mean?
    Expeditionary is the style of instruction at AXL. We believe crew members learn with an active "expedition" rather than by sitting in a classroom being taught one subject at a time. Crews explore a topic or theme in depth by working on projects that call for inquiry, physical exploration and community service, all based on learning objectives built from Common Core Standards. AXL Expeditions are challenging, interdisciplinary and real-world investigations that engage, empower and help all crew members achieve.
  • What grades are offered at AXL?
    AXL offers grades Pre-Kindergarten to Eighth Grade.
  • Where is AXL located?
    We are currently located at 14100 E. Jewell Avenue Aurora, CO 80012. But we are so excited to be moving to a new building located at 450 S Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80017. The move will take place leading up to the 2024-25 school year; our scholars will start the year off in a more spacious, updated learning environment.
  • What are your hours?
    Please visit our Daily Schedule.
  • What does AXL stand for?
    AXL stands for Aurora Expeditionary Learning.
  • Why do you have trimesters?
    Instead of a quarter or semester, we arrange the school year into trimesters to allow a more organic break between expeditions.
  • How long has AXL been operating?
    AXL was founded in 2008.
  • What is the school mascot?
    The Owl.
  • What are the school colors?
    AXL's school colors are navy, cerulean blue and orange.
  • Do you charge tuition to attend AXL?
    There is no tuition for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. For Pre-K, please click here.
  • How can I enroll my scholar?
    For K-8 Step 1: Fill out the enrollment form on our website Step 2: Space/Waitlist Notification from AXL Academy Step 3: If space is available, fill out the registration form (emailed to you) Step 4: Complete registration form and send necessary documentation Step 5: Complete check-list (emailed to you) Step 6: Welcome to school! For Pre-Kindergarten Step 1: Fill out the enrollment form on our website Step 2: Receive phone call from PK Director to set-up meeting if space is available Step 3: Attend meeting to go over enrollment options Step 4: Complete registration form and send necessary documentation Step 5: Complete check-list (emailed to you) Step 6: Welcome to school!
  • What is "Crew"?"
    Each classroom is a crew; a group of peers working together to accomplish the learning objective or project. Each student is called a crew member to celebrate their identity within the crew. Crew is an extension of the community where each member brings skills, opinions and collaboration to accomplish goals.
  • Class Sizes
    Class sizes range depending on the grade level. Pre-K has 10 students per instructor. Kindergarten has a maximum of 20 students in a class. 1-3 has a maximum of 22 students in a class. 4 has a maximum of 20 students in a class. 5-8 has a maximum of 26 in a class.
  • Foreign Languages
    We offer Spanish club after-school for any students who would like to learn or expand their Spanish-language knowledge.
  • Integrated Curriculum
    AXL's teachers design integrated curriculum lessons for expeditions which means multiple subjects are analyzed and covered throughout the project. The integrated curriculum uses Common Core as the foundation for each learning objective which is then used for each expedition. ​ Common Core → Integrate themes in multiple subjects → Learn on expeditions
  • Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum
    AXL uses the evidence-based Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum of Positive Action.
  • Lunch Menu
    Click Here to see the latest APS Menus. To pay your bill, please visit If you are a current family and need your Infinite Campus username or password, please visit the main office. Questions about your account? ​ Sharon McMillian Cafeteria Manager Email - School Lunch Application:
  • After-School Care
    Yes. We have a partnership through STARSKidCare beginning at 6:30am and ending at 6:00pm. For more information and to register, click here.
  • Parent Teacher Organization
    AXL's Parent, Educators And Kids (PEAK) program meets every month. Visit the PEAK page for more information.
  • Transportation
    While AXL does not provide transportation, the school has partnered with Schoolpool for an AXL-only carpool option. AXL is also conveniently located near the R-line Florida light rail station.
  • Donation
    Visit our support page for more information.
  • Dress Code
    Click here to review AXL's Dress Code.
  • Absences
    AXL Academy is a very rigorous and fast-paced environment. Please do not allow your scholar to miss school except for serious illness and the most extreme extenuating circumstances. If your scholar will be missing school, please call 303.377.0758 x200 before 9 am.
  • Volunteer Hours
    In accordance with our handbook, we ask every family contribute at least 12 hours to the school every year. To log your hours, please click here.
  • Local Food Bank
    Food Bank of the Rockies provides a mobile food pantry in communities where more food assistance is needed. There are no eligibility requirement or restrictions to receive assistance. Clients should bring their own boxes or bags to take food home in. Food is provided on a first come, first served basis. Located across AXL at 14000 E Jewell Ave. This site also offers The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) to low income Colorado residents receiving some form of public assistance. Facility/ADA Access: Yes Intake Procedure: Walk up for service; food distributed on a first come, first served basis. Intake Requirements: For TEFAP clients, the following are required: - Photo ID - Proof of address Hours of Operation: 2nd, 4th Wednesday, 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. (Food Distribution) Contact's Phone: (303) 371-9250 (Food Bank of the Rockies) Physical Site Address 14000 E Jewell Ave. Aurora, CO 80012
  • Immigrants: Knowing Your Rights
    Know your Rights - English Conozce sus derechos - Español
  • Contact the Teacher
    Visit our staff page to contact the teacher by email or send a message via Class Dojo.
  • Contact the Administration
    Visit our staff page to contact the administrator(s) by email or join Admin during the monthly coffee with Admin session.
  • Contact the Board of Directors
    In addition to public Board meetings every month, you can contact the board by emailing
  • Class Dojo
    Class Dojo is a classroom communication tool (and app!) for teachers to showcase what scholars are learning, share important information and provide an opportunity to connect with YOU! You will be invited to join the classroom for every scholar who attends AXL. Please contact your student's teacher if you have not received this invitation.
  • School App
    AXL Academy has an app available on the Apple and Android stores. The school app has lunch menus, important notifications from the school, news, events, staff contact information and marking your scholar absent. Download the free app today!
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