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AXL Academy's dress code is listed in the scholar's handbook and below.

Scholars follow a simple dress code to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, and scholars must arrive at school in dress code every day.

AXL’s dress code is designed to be modest and functional while adhering to the highest safety standards for all scholars. As such, scholars may not:

• Wear inappropriate logos or symbols.
• Wear gang-affiliated symbols of any kind.


All scholars must wear sneakers that are suitable for running, jumping, hiking, and playing outside every day. Scholars may not wear “Heelies.” During inclement weather, scholars are welcome to wear boots.


Note: AXL continues with outside recess when the temperature is and/or feels like 20 degrees or above or there is precipitation. 

Families may purchase AXL shirts at AXL Academy $8/shirt or $20 for 3 shirts (Cash or check)

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