Summer School Begins on June 3

Summer School begins on June 3 through June 25. This in-person school is for grades K-8 and registration is required. The school day will run from 7:45am - 3:00pm and breakfast AND lunch will be provided for all scholars. All scholars are welcome to bring meals from home if they prefer.

The school day begins with arrival around the building depending on the grade level the scholar is in. The list is below.

Kindergarten - West Entrance

1st Grade - South Entrance

2nd Grade - South Entrance

3rd Grade - North Entrance (between orange and blue flags)

4th Grade - North Entrance (between orange and blue flags)

5th Grade - North Entrance (blue flags)

6th Grade - North Entrance (blue flags)

7th Grade - East Entrance

8th Grade - East Entrance

Scholars are to be in AXL dress code and will follow the policies and regulations in place at AXL Academy. To review the handbook, click here. The Board of Directors voted on a mask policy for scholars in person during the Academic year. This will extend through Summer School. All scholars will be following the protocols set forth to respond to COVID-19. For more information on what that includes, click here.

We are proud to offer Summer School to aid in the learning for scholars. With this, we take safety and security very seriously as the scholar learning is of upmost importance. We are so excited to see your family this summer for Summer School!