Returning to In-Person Learning: Updates

The following are updates from the Board Working Session yesterday regarding returning to in-person learning. All of this information is available on our website ( but additional details are below:

1) There is a rollout schedule to stagger the start days for grades.

PK-4 will begin on February 16 (Tuesday)

5-6 will begin on February 22 (Monday)

7-8 will begin on March 1 (Monday)

2) All in-person scholars must adhere to the mask policy (outlined in our memorandum of understanding here: There will be parent contact at each stage of non-compliance and if there is a repeat infraction of 3 times, the scholar will be moved into remote learning.

3) We have increased safety in the building additionally from the Fall. While still exceeding standards and guidelines set, we have taken additional steps to

A) hire a second custodian to ensure spaces are adequately cleaned,

B) ensure spaces with a rotation of scholars (like Middle school rotating to classrooms) has an air purification unit in addition to the upgraded MERV filters to kill germs in the moment to ensure spaces can be cleaned,

C) enforce a stricter mask policy for scholars and staff

D) Provide face shields and weekly n95 masks for staff

4) For those who have requested rent, mortgage or utility assistance, here is a resource available:

5) We do have non-perishable food available at our former front entrance (South end of the building) for contact-less pick up for those in need at any time of the day.

6) If you have not yet filled out your response for in-person or remote learning, please do so here before Friday, February 5:

Note: If you or someone you know is interested in our new custodian position, to apply please visit: