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Principal Blog - September

AXL Community,

The first few weeks of school are complete and AXL Academy is back in the swing of things! My name is Jack Bissonnette and I have recently been named the Elementary Principal here at AXL Academy. I am extremely excited to learn and grow with this amazing and diverse community of families, staff members, and scholars.

In my first Principal’s Blog I will be discussing AXL Academy’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports for scholars, enrollment at AXL academy, and AXL’s expeditionary program. In these discussions I will include how different community stakeholders can get involved and support the growth and success of our educational community!

  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). MTSS is defined as a prevention-based framework of team-driven data-based problem solving for improving the outcomes of every student through family, school, and community partnering and a layered continuum of evidence-based practice. At AXL Academy the MTSS Committee meets regularly to identify scholars in need of support, plan for those supports, and track progress towards success. The following members serve and provide their expertise on the committee:

  • Bridget Allison - 504 Coordinator and Math Interventionist

  • Lauryn Shreffler- Literacy Interventionist

  • Marion Goodwin- School Social Worker

  • Billy Otto- Exceptional Student Services Coordinator

  • Angela Heller- English Language Development Coordinator

  • Sarah Mills- ES Teacher and Gifted & Talented Coordinator

  • Jack Bissonnette- Elementary Principal

Families of scholars that are receiving support from the MTSS Committee will be communicated with and invited to participate in revisitiation meetings throughout the year. If you would like to explore the option of your scholar being discussed by the MTSS Committee, you may reach out to their Crew Leader or their principal.

  • Enrollment. AXL Academy has space scholars in all grade levels PK-8! As AXL Academy grows in the scholar population, we are more able to recruit and retain highly qualified educators. If you and your family know of families interested in joining our journey through Expeditionary Learning, please direct them to our Enrollment Page or have them contact AXL Academy’s Front Office: 303.377.0758.

  • Expeditionary Program. AXL Academy has delved deeply into Expeditionary Learning practices over the past year! With an emphasis on interdisciplinary units with real-world connections, our teachers developed a plan for the 2022-33 school year. Within this plan, teachers included Learning Topics, Fieldwork Experiences, Essential Questions, and Culminating Projects! You can check out the Expeditionary Program to see if you have any community connections that might help support scholar experiences and learning. Community connections may include expert speakers to come into the classroom, connect with fieldwork experiences, or even provide materials for projects! You can reach out to Jack Bissonnette, Nick Assaf, or Noah Tonk with any connections you may have.

Thank you all for reading and being connected!


Dr. Jack Bissonnette

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