Picture Day 2020

Picture Day will be next Monday and Tuesday. All scholars will be able to dress-up if they wish for the picture similar to past years. In-person scholars will attend during school. No additional scheduling is needed.

Monday pictures - Ms. Bronson, Ms. Thompson, PK, 3rd Grade, Kindergarten, Mr. Veasey, Ms. Danforth, 8th Grade

Tuesday pictures - Ms. Gorman, Ms. Gomez, 4th Grade, 1st Grade, Ms. Worthen, Ms. Glover

For our remote scholars, we will have 2 time blocks a day. Picture day will be in District 12 so please park on the east side of the building. We will have everyone stand socially distanced outside and take temperatures to enter the building. No one will be allowed to roam the building and all are required to exit after the picture is taken.

Remote scholar picture day options:

Monday (10/12): 12pm-1pm or 2:30pm-4:00pm

Tuesday (10/13): 11:40am - 1pm or 2pm-3pm

To order pictures online, please visithttps://drive.google.com/file/d/10Trw7yUTLjaxE-zbbDLC6ToNMUdZd8Uv/view?usp=sharing