AXL Becomes Covid Testing Site for Scholars

AXL Academy is proud to announce partnership with CDPHE to become Covid testing site for scholars.

Eligible scholars: K-8 with a parental consent on file

Is this required: No

Start Date: Thursday, November 18

Registration required from families for minors:

For more information, please visit:

Key program details

Student participation:

  • This program is voluntary and students under the age of 18 are required to have parental or guardian consent on file in order to participate.

  • All students in participating schools with parental consent on file for this COVID-19 school testing program are eligible to receive monetary incentives regardless of their current vaccination status. While K-12 school staff are able to be tested, they are not eligible for individual incentives.

  • A participating student will receive $25 for the first COVID-19 test that is administered through this program. Students then receive $10 for every subsequent test administered each week (at a maximum of one incentive per week). Students will not receive this financial incentive if the school opts out of the incentive program.

  • A participating student in a participating school will receive student incentives. The student will receive a gift card monthly and retroactively. For example, if your student is tested in September, they will receive a gift card loaded with their total incentives for September in October.