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AXL Transitions to In-Person Starting Sept. 21

Good Afternoon AXL Families,

Our time of remote learning is coming to a transition as we prepare to open our building for in person learning. As always, the safety of our staff and scholars remain of upmost importance. We will still be offering remote learning for scholars throughout the year but along with the district, we will also be having scholars re-enter the building to learn in person. We have weighed this heavily and have decided AXL will use the cohort model to ensure a low risk for staff and scholars. The cohort model will mean the same group of scholars stays with the same group of scholars for the entire school day. We will be in person five days a week and will quarantine the entire cohort (crew) as necessary. We will also be rolling out a soft start for scholars to start in-person learning. We will also have staggered start times and separate entrances for grades so crews can maintain social distancing as much as possible. These entrances will be the same for dismissal (2:45pm for KG-4 and 3:00pm for 5-8).

Please notate here if you would like your scholar to be in person or remote through Trimester 2 (Feb. 12). You will be able to re-elect for in-person or remote for Trimester 3.

Rolling Start:

Monday, September 21 - PK-KG

Wednesday, September 23 - 1-4th

Monday, September 28 - 5-6th

Wednesday, September 30 - 7-8th

Entrances & Start Times:

PK: North Side Orange Flags by Front Door 8:00am

KG: West Side with flags 7:30am

1st: South Side cafeteria Door (in playground) 7:45am

2nd: South Side Playground ramp (in playground) 7:30am

3rd - North Side in-between flags 7:45am

4th - North Side in-between flags 7:30am

5th - North Side Blue flags in Middle School 7:45am

6th - North Side Blue flags in Middle School 7:30am

7th- East side door (not District 12) 7:30am

8th- East side door (not District 12) 7:45am

AXL Safety Standards

Student Safety:

  • All students will be asked to self identify any symptoms in the morning and have a fever check as they arrive to school at their vehicle.

  • Masks will be required for all students and staff at all times. Face shields will be provided for K-1st grades.

  • All students will need to bring a water bottle to school for water consumption.

  • Students will have scheduled bathroom breaks/water bottle fill up breaks on a cleaning schedule so the areas can be properly cleaned after each use.

Staff Safety:

  • AXL has purchased KN95 certified masks for all staff. Masks will be required for all staff and students at all times.

  • While the district plan does not include fever checks for students nor staff, AXL has made the commitment that every student and staff member will not only self report symptoms (mirroring the district), but will have a fever checks for all.

  • All AXL employees except admin will receive $1,000 in hazard pay.

  • In the event any AXL employee needs to be quarantined or contracts COVID, they will be able to receive paid time off at 100% salary for the two week period. This will NOT impact the PTO days each staff member receives.