APS Board of Education Message About Tragic Death of George Floyd

Dear APS Community,

On behalf of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Munn, we share in the anger and sorrow that so many of us are struggling to process after the tragic death of George Floyd and other injustices in our country. As unrest affects our metro area, we know this is an uncertain time for students in our district.

We want to emphasize that we need to be here for one another to talk, grieve and process through these events together. APS is a community that has never shied away from difficult conversations about race, equity and doing what is best for all students. As a school board, we promise to continue this work in partnership with all of you.

Please know that APS has mental health supports available throughout the summer. Our counselors, psychologists and social workers will be available as needed to support students who may be struggling. If your student needs to talk with someone, please reach out to your school principal.

We also wanted to provide some resources that may be helpful in talking with children about violence, racism and trauma. Please see the links below:

We cannot ignore the hate that led to this tragedy. We must all do our part in ensuring that hate never triumphs, but rather that our compassion, empathy and kindness leave a lasting impact. Our students, staff, families and community all deserve to live in a world where there is truly justice for all.

We ask for your continued support as we ensure that our schools and community are truly welcoming for all of our students. We are a community that embraces our diversity. We must continue to break down any barriers that prevent us from learning and growing together.

Please continue to treat one another with respect and compassion. Thank you for your support.


APS Board of Education