COVID-19 and School Year Update

Dear AXL Families,

Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this trying time for our school. As you are aware, Governor Polis on March 18 issued an Executive Order directing all schools to suspend in-person instruction through April 17, 2020, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, you should be aware that the governor said there is a high possibility in-person instruction will not resume this school year.

As a result, changes will be necessary for some important educational functions, such as the number of teacher-pupil instructional hours, special education and graduation requirements.

Waivers for instructional hours

The Colorado Department of Education has waived the minimum number of school days and teacher-pupil instruction hours normally required under state law. Instead, schools must make every effort to provide alternative learning opportunities during this time. For AXL Academy, this means that we are not expected to extend the school year or start early next year to make up for lost in-person instructional time.

As a result of the possibility of an extended period of disruption for in-person instruction, we will transition to continuous learning through using Google Classroom and Class Dojo.

Services to students with special needs

Our school will make every effort to provide appropriate special education and related services for students with disabilities. We have been given some flexibility on how to provide these services, so we are thinking about other ways to meet the needs of students with disabilities based on the nature of a student’s disability and individual needs of the student.

To support students with identified IEP-related services, we will work with our district to determine whether it is appropriate to provide alternative services or delay services in coordination with students’ parents and IEP teams. We may also determine whether we can make up for a gap in access to the curriculum or delay in services with additional services in the future.

Graduation considerations

Graduation requirements across Colorado are locally determined by school districts and charter schools. This means that we have flexibility to adjust requirements for the class of 2020 based on this unprecedented time of disruption to our schools.

At this time, our 8th Grade Graduation will likely be cancelled. The governor has suggested that it will be unlikely that we will be able to conduct traditional graduation ceremonies and we want to ensure that our students and families still have a way to mark this important occasion. We will be updating our families with more information once it is available.

Thanks again for your support during these difficult times. We hope you are well and miss you!!


AXL Academy