Unified Improvement Plan - School Update

Dear AXL Families,

Pursuant to the Education Accountability Act of 2009, all public schools in Colorado are required to develop improvement plans that outlines targets for performance outcomes and strategies that the school will implement to achieve academic improvement. Depending on performance, schools are expected to implement a performance plan, improvement plan, priority improvement plan, or a turnaround plan.

Based on results from the Colorado School Performance Framework in 2016, AXL Academy will be updating its Unified Improvement Plan during the 2017-18 school year. The school was assigned to a Priority Improvement plan type based on low-performance in the areas of Academic achievement. Academic growth scores were acceptable.

Attached is the 2017 school performance framework report that describes how the school has been evaluated. The school is updating its Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) currently. This is a focused improvement plan, including a data analysis on student performance and a detailed action plan. The district must submit AXL’s UIP to the Colorado Department of Education before January 17, 2018 for review.

The AXL Board will hold a public meeting to gather input from parents concerning the development of the UIP on November 17 at 8:30 a.m. at AXL. For more information, please contact Dan Cohen at dan@axlacademy.org or 303.377.0758 for questions or more information pertaining to the UIP.

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