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Exciting Additions 2017-18

AXL Academy is excited to announce exciting additions for our 2017-18 Academic Year.

AXL Academy Awarded Safe Communities Safe Schools Grant

Bullying Prevention & Safety

With the generous grant through CU Boulder, the Safe Communities Safe Schools grant will be used for safety, bullying prevention and for the continued growth of our positive school culture. The grant will capture robust data and provide support to ensure bullying prevention and emotional growth for all scholars.

The focus for teacher professional development for 2017-18 will support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and activities and a positive school culture.

K-8 Expeditions Authentic Experiences for Every Scholar

Our core belief is that scholars learn both inside and outside of the classroom and expeditions bring authentic experiences from the real world. AXL Academy has increased the budget for K-8 to experience our founding belief of expeditionary learning. Our 7th and 8th Graders will also have an additional opportunity with the Community Adventure Program (CAP) elective. During CAP, scholars go on hikes, overnight camping trips, learn about and discuss local environmental issues, choose an issue to address as a class, and collaborate with other local organizations to design and implement a student-directed Action Project to positively address their issue. Our incoming 8th Grade Scholars will also experience the annual trip to Shady Brook to interact on the rigorous ropes course, canoeing and more.

Interactive Boards in Every Classroom

96% Increase in technology

AXL Academy’s approach to a hands-on active learning environment will now receive an interactive display in every single classroom. Interactive Boards will increase scholar engagement through technological-based lessons. As the world becomes more tech-savvy, our scholars will interact with technology on a personal level.

Technology For All

K-8 Laptops, iPads, Chromebooks

In addition to interactive boards, AXL Academy is investing in an additional laptop cart for grades 5-6 which brings all of Middle School to Google Classroom. Google Classroom includes technology fundamentals while assisting scholars interact with a digital landscape.

AXL Academy is also investing in an iPad cart for grades 3 and 4 to bring interactive technology to Elementary and is dedicating Chromebooks for K-2.

We believe this will inspire our scholars and ultimately prepare them for our digital world today and our world tomorrow.

Robust Education for All K-8 Art & Adventure/P.E. Plus Middle School Music