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2020-21 Academic Year

The AXL Instructional Coach will be responsible for planning and facilitating professional development and guiding AXL staff for best practices. This position will be responsible for conducting coaching cycles for teachers, leading PLCs, guiding planning sessions which will include but is not limited to expedition nights. This position will also assist with K-8 Intervention. He or she will support the mission and vision of AXL Academy and attend weekly admin meetings. This position is intended to accelerate student growth across all core content areas. 

In addition, this position will:

  • Provide professional development in standards-based planning and implementation

  • Facilitate the analysis of student work

  • Engage in coaching cycles with teachers

  • Work side-by-side with teachers and principals through planning, modeling, co-teaching, reflecting and providing feedback

  • Work collaboratively with building administration to improve student achievement

  • Coach teachers through planning, implementation and analysis to improve teacher effectiveness

  • Promote professional conversation and reflective thinking to impact teacher effectiveness

  • Lead the planning and delivery of a guaranteed and viable standards-based curriculum

  • Provide strong, timely support to new teachers

Leadership and Professional Development

  • Provide instructional leadership to promote integrated thinking and intentional decision-making

  • Keep current with literacy and ESL research-based best practices; develop a thorough understanding of Colorado Academic and Common Core State Standards

  • Apply facilitation skills, knowledge and experience to support adult learners’ development

  • Collaboratively develop/coordinate/facilitate school-based early release days and other professional development

  • Collaboratively ensure a rigorous standards based education for all students through a guaranteed and viable curriculum for ALL students


This description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions associated with this job.



AXL Academy is a public charter school in Aurora, Colorado educating scholars from Pre-K through eighth grade. Our school is situated in an urban neighborhood and serves a community that reflects a diverse range of languages, cultures, religions, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. We believe that all scholars deserve an outstanding education, including the challenges and supports to prepare for college and career. Our talented team of educators prepares scholars to create their own futures using an instructional model known as Expeditionary Learning. EL schools encourage scholars to develop deeper understanding by thinking critically, applying their learning, and communicating clearly through complex, authentic work that emphasizes craftsmanship and character as well as mastery of skills.


Mission Aligned
You believe that if everyone is actively committed to equitable and inclusive practices aligned to AXL Academy’s mission and values, all scholars and staff will be engaged, empowered and achieve.


Growth Mindset
You believe that by fostering your own growth mindset, scholars and fellow staff will develop a commitment to continuous improvement and thus maximize potential.




  • I can listen actively and thoughtfully.

  • I can honor other people’s contributions.

  • I can consider new ideas with an open mind.

  • I can notice the good in myself and in others.



  • I can ask questions and I am actively engaged in class.

  • I can come to school prepared each day.

  • I can persevere when things are hard.

  • I can discover my strengths, values, passions, and responsibilities.

  • I can seek positive change.



  • I can have wonderful ideas and share them without fear.

  • I can risk trying my best.

  • I can face my weaknesses.

  • I can learn from my failures and mistakes.

  • I can learn and try new things.

  • I can trust my crew.



  • I can show commitment through my actions, not just words.

  • I can be honest.

  • I can know my purpose.

  • I can represent AXL and myself with dignity.

  • I can do my fair share.



  • I can be a good role model.

  • I can encourage others to participate positively.

  • I can help others and make sure my crewmates and I feel safe and comfortable.

  • I can leave no trace by treating materials and space with care.

  • I can welcome guests into our school.



  • I can reflect upon my best efforts.

  • I can collaborate.

  • I can use quality work habits.

  • I can revise my work multiple times to create a quality product.




Aurora Expeditionary Learning (AXL) Academy is a PK-8 Expeditionary Learning Charter Public School located in Aurora, Colorado. Founded in 2008, AXL strives to deliver academic achievement, character development and social equity by using an active instructional model and a strong school culture. AXL meets scholars where they are to engage, empower and help all scholars achieve. For more information, please visit www.axlacademy.org.



AXL is an equal opportunity employer. This means AXL Academy provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, age, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, disability, marital status, genetic information or an individual’s membership in any other class or category protected by applicable federal, state or local law.



To apply, please email a resume and tailored cover letter to careers@axlacademy.org.