In-Person or Remote




While our circumstances may look different for this year, our vision remains the same: 





Adhering to current guidance provided by the CDC, Tri-County Health the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Governor's Office, AXL will be offering two scenarios for families to address safety for scholars and staff and to provide expeditionary learning so all are engaged, empowered and can achieve. 



AXL will offer in-person learning starting on February 16. Click below for more information for the 5-day cohort model, safety information and more.



AXL offers remote learning for all scholars throughout the 2020-21 school year. Remote learning will include live instruction. Click below for more information.



AXL Academy adheres to the guidance set forth from both the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Tri-County Health. Additional information is provided below. 

Remote learning is not a drop-in option for scholars. Our in-person scholars are expected to be in-person and remote scholars are remote through the end of the school year. Consistency is important for our scholars and we appreciate being able to serve your family.


Cleaning & Disinfecting AXL Academy

  • All surfaces will be cleaned using EPA-approved disinfectants.
  • All classrooms and will be equipped with hand washing stations and disinfecting supplies.
  • High touch points will be disinfected frequently throughout the school day.
  • Electrostatic foggers will also be utilized to help disinfect surfaces throughout AXL Academy.
  • There will be enhanced cleaning overnight of high use and high touch areas.
  • We have upgraded our HVAC filters to MERV-13, which will be replaced quarterly.
  • Bathroom breaks have been scheduled for proper cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Water fountains will only be permitted to fill water bottles.
  • We have increased the number of hand-sanitizer stations throughout AXL Academy.
  • At the start of each school day, entrances will be designated for specific grades to encourage social distancing. Each staff member, scholar and visitor will be required to wear a mask and submit to a temperature check before entering the building. Signage will also help guide this process

Social Distancing

All people on campus will be required to social distance from others while on school property. Signage, floor markings and other strategies will be utilized to help reinforce social distancing throughout the building including stairways. Hallways will use circulation patterns to encourage social distancing.

Daily Health Screening

Using this online form, scholars will be prompted daily to answer a set of health screening questions prior to arriving to school each day. It is the expectation for families to complete this form each day for each scholar. Upon arriving at school, each scholar and staff member will be required to submit to a temperature screening and AXL will be enforcing a mask policy for all scholars, staff and visitors.

Face Masks

Everyone will be required to wear a mask at AXL Academy both in and outside the building, pursuant to the mandate issued by the Governor’s Office. Masks must have ear loops, an elastic band or tie behind the head. Bandanas and neck ‘gaiters’ cannot be used as masks. Masks should not have an output valve. Scholars must provide their own masks. AXL Academy will provide masks to our staff, but they are also permitted to wear their own masks, provided they meet the required specifications. Those individuals not wearing a mask will not be permitted to enter the building. The school reserves the right to determine if a mask/face covering is appropriate and there will be an escalating series of consequences for scholars who repeatedly do not comply with the expectations for wearing a mask. Scholars are encouraged to bring multiple masks with them each day

Lockers & Backpacks

To reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus/COVID-19, all lockers will be locked and not used until further notice. Each scholar will carry a backpack and hang on their chair for class.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and lunch will be served in the classroom for scholars who who did not bring a lunch to school. Breakfast is free for all scholars for the 2020-21 school year. Please register online for the lunch program:

Visitors and Volunteer

At this time, visitors and volunteers will not be permitted on campus to help us ensure we can maintain social distancing and contact-tracing protocols. Visitors who must come to campus in the case of an emergency must follow the established health screening and safety protocols.

Symptomatic for COVID-19

If a scholar or employee exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day, they should report to the Nurse’s Office where they will be directed to the isolation room. The school nurse will assess the person’s symptoms and will require them to go home as soon as possible.

Diagnosed With or Exposed to COVID-19

  • Families and staff must notify AXL Academy if they have been exposed to COVID-19 and are quarantined, or if a family member has been diagnosed with or presumed to have COVID-19 and/or is being isolated.
  • Employees and scholars with known exposure to someone with diagnosed or presumed COVID-19 must self-quarantine at home for 14 days.
  • Even if they are asymptomatic, scholars and employees who are being tested for COVID-19 must stay home from any AXL Academy activities including classes, athletics, clubs, etc. and quarantine until test results are received.
  • If you are traveling to a state/country where there is an increased rate in COVID cases, we ask you that you consider self-quarantining at home for 14 days after your return before coming back to our school.

Returning to School Following Quarantine

Employees and students with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 must meet these conditions prior to returning to school:

  • Persons with confirmed COVID-19 may return to work/school a full 72 hours after fever is resolved without the use of fever-reducing medication AND respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) improve AND at least fourteen (14) days have passed since symptom onset.
  • Persons with presumed COVID-19 may return to work/school when at least fourteen (14) days have passed since symptom onset AND 72 hours after fever resolves without use of fever-reducing medication AND respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) have improved.

Communications about Positive Cases of COVID-19

  • If your student or another member of your family learns that they are positive for COVID-19, please contact the AXL nurse and para to let them know by sending an email to She will advise you on next steps for quarantining and returning to school.
  • Parents/Guardians will be notified via paper letters, dojo, email, text and phone. Please ensure your information is accurate within Infinite Campus. Only those who came into close contact with the infected person will be notified; we will not send a general email notification to the entire community.
  • The identity of the infected person will not be shared to maintain confidentiality and ensure compliance with appropriate confidentiality standards.

Ensuring the Health & Safety of Scholars

While we cannot reduce the risk to zero, we have implemented a multilayered mitigation approach that we are confident will help ensure the safety of everyone who visits our campus. In an effort to reduce the risk of infection to our employees and scholars, we have put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 at AXL Academy and have made many enhancements to our school environment for the start of the school year including, but not limited to:

  • Increased cleaning protocol for classrooms and building;
  • Upgraded to MERV 13 air filters;
  • Utilizes COVID-19 disinfectant which has been proven by the EPA;
  • Purchased and uses electrostatic sprayer to remove germs from classrooms;
  • Developed social distancing measures in classrooms, hallways and shared spaces;
  • Enacted a daily health screening policy and mask requirement for all entering the AXL campus.

Supporting High Risk Scholars

All AXL Academy scholars have the option to attend school fully online during this school year. Families can change in-person or remote preferences during the Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 break.



While guidelines change, the listed information above may change. We appreciate your flexibility and dedication to AXL Academy. We will keep our families informed if/when guidelines change to better protect scholars and staff at all times.

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